Sales Representative job from Towmycar (pvt) Ltd in Matara Galle, Sri Lanka

Thursday 3rd, September 2020

Towmycar (pvt) Ltd

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Matara Galle


Sales and Marketing / Business Development

Sales Reps (Field Job)- Galle and Matara Branch-Southern province
දකුණු පලාත සදහා පුරප්පාඩු
සාමාන්ය පෙළ අවම සුදුසුකමකි.
අලෙවිකරණ සහ විකුණුම් පළපුරුද්ද අමතර වාසියකි.
ඇතුළත් ප්රතිලාභ ( ස්ථිර වු පසු )
* ඊපීඑෆ් / ඊටීඑෆ්
* ජංගම දුරකථන දීමනාව
* වාහන ණය (අවම පොලියක් සහිතව)
* නිවාස ණය (අවම පොලියක් සහිතව)
* සමාගම් වෛද්ය රක්ෂණය
* වාර්ෂික සංචාරය
සහ තවත් බොහෝ දේ ...
ඔබ මෙහි අයදුම් කළ පසු, ඔබේ CV [email protected] වෙත යැවීමට වග බලා ගන්න
Are you a someone over 18 with a charming personality with "Can Do" attitude, then we are looking for you with a great offer for your career !!!
We are looking for energetic and dynamic sales and marketing people who are willing to grow with our company.
Vacancies are available for all of our branches throughout the Island.
Job Requirements
O/L pass - Minimum Qualification
Marketing and Sales Experience is an added advantage
Included benefits (After permanent )
* Mobile phone allowance
* Vehicle loan (With lowest interest in Industry)
* Housing loan (With lowest interest in Industry)
* Company Medical Insurance Policy
* Annual Trip
and many more...
once you apply here, make sure to send your CV to [email protected] or [email protected]

Skills required

Marketing and Sales Experience

work as a team

communication skills.

charming personality with "Can Do" attitude