Research Team job from GREEN MOVEMENT OF SRI LANKA in Battaramulla, Sri Lanka

Wednesday 3rd, February 2021


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Environment/ Health & Safety Science and Research

Job Description

The Green Movement of Sri Lanka Inc. (GMSL) is a Sri Lankan national non-governmental organization incorporated by parliamentary act No 59/2007. The GSML is looking for a team of hands-on researchers for the following activity:
The Requirement

As part of its new project “COLIBRI: Community Livelihood and Biodiversity Recovery” funded by the European Union where the GMSL will partner with ACTED, Environment Foundation Limited (EFL) and Blue Resources Trust (BRT), it is looking for an experienced and proven research team with strong credentials of hands-on, grassroots evidence based research with the capacity for an intensive project inception exercise to map community resources, map stakeholders, analyze policy and identify policy gaps and establish livelihood and biodiversity baselines assessments in the areas of social-anthropology, environment, agriculture and hydrology in the Knuckles Conservation Forest (KCF) and environs including downstream communities.

The Research Team

  1. Anthropologist (team leader)
  2. Environmentalist
  3. Agronomist
  4. Hydrologist

Interested parties must apply as individuals with expertise in one of the four areas mentioned above.

Duration of the exercise: 4 months.
Time spent by each researcher on the project: 15 days per month.

Essential requirements of individuals and teams:

  • At least 7-10 years of proven, strong, hands-on practical field research experience in their specific area of expertise.
  • Proven capabilities and practical experience in crosscutting and/or multidisciplinary fieldwork in the four areas of expertise mentioned above.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the capability to engage with a broad spectrum of primary data sources including grassroots communities, indigenous knowledge holders, civil, private and public sector officials at both the local and national levels.
  • Ability to work closely with the GMSL team to create required linkages between and among the stakeholders and beneficiaries of the project.
  • Proven ability to work well in peer-teams of researchers.
  • Ability to provide practical, innovative and cost-efficient community led solutions to perennial problems either through their specific areas of expertise or via crosscutting methodologies.
  • Excellent evidence triangulation, writing and reporting skills.

Advantageous qualifications, experience and skills:

  • A degree or higher in the specific area of expertise.
  • Experience in working as a researcher, advisor or technical person in an EU funded project.
  • Ability to work with GIS mapping software.

Skills required

Excellent interpersonal skill

Ability to work with GIS mapping software.

Excellent evidence triangulation, writing and reporting skills