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ISSO Restaurants (Pvt) Ltd.


ISSO Restaurants (Pvt) Ltd. is a reputed company based in Colombo Currently 1 Jop openings available from this organization.

Inspired by our adventurous spirit and our values of Pride, Passion, Courage, Integrity and Family, Isso Pisso – the name for people who work at ISSO – are like a big, extended family. 

Like in every family, some are quieter than others, some are the life and soul of the party and others are somewhere in-between. At ISSO, we love the fact that everyone is different, which is why everyone is welcome at our table!

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Delivery Riders

ISSO Restaurants (Pvt) Ltd.

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FMCG/ Food & Restaurants

ISSO Restaurants (Pvt) Ltd. is a reputed company based in Colombo. We are looking for talented professional from the field of FMCG/ Food & Restaurants to join our team as Delivery Riders . Isso Restaurants lookout for a delivery riders.