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Flash Health (Pvt) Ltd


Flash Health (Pvt) Ltd is a reputed company based in Nawala Currently 1 Jop openings available from this organization.

At Flash Health, we have a passionate team of professionals whose mission is to revolutionise digital healthcare in Sri Lanka.

We use cutting technology to create a customer-centric healthcare service that aims to alleviate the most significant pain points faced by the industry.

Our core services include medicine delivery, medical equipment, lab test, and subscription-based convenience shopping. We empower our caregivers to reach you directly to deliver immediate and responsive care anytime, anywhere.

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Delivery Partner

Flash Health (Pvt) Ltd



Delivery / Driving / Transport

Flash Health (Pvt) Ltd is a reputed company based in Nawala. We are looking for talented professional from the field of Delivery / Driving / Transport to join our team as Delivery Partner. We are on the lookout for a delivery partner to join our growing team.